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The Burgess Lab

Come Join The Burgess Lab!!

I am searching for M.S. students to start Summer or Fall 2024. Interested in working with me?  Check out these opportunities and apply!  

Mapping Hormone Cycles of Altricial Avian Nestlings Under Natural Photoperiod and Artificial Light at Night

In an increasingly urbanized environment, it’s important to understand the impacts of anthropogenic stressors on birds. This project uses hormone analysis to determine the impacts of artificial light at night on nestling physical development and metabolic health. We investigate the role of artificial photoperiod in developmental timing and phenotypic expression.  

Exploring Urban Bird Communities Through Landscape Ecology and Participatory Science

It’s well known that urbanization impacts avian biodiversity and community structure. However, do pockets of built, more densely populated spaces surrounding a rural landscape have similar impacts? This project explores how fine-scale urbanization influences bird communities in a southern, college town. Additionally, this project is interested in gathering data about who participates in citizen science in this area, and if participation builds connection to nature in urbanized spaces. 

Lab Focus

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